Hire Virtual General Counsel

Would your company benefit from Virtual General Counsel?

Are you concerned about overlooking your company’s legal risks? Are you concerned about paying outrageous fees to law firms without knowing whether the work being performed is reasonable or necessary? Is hiring a traditional In-House Counsel outside the scope of your budget?

If so, you may want to consider using Virtual General Counsel. A Virtual General Counsel provides the services of a traditional In-House Attorney on an offsite and as-needed basis.

The hourly billing rates of a Virtual General Counsel may be significantly reduced below standard hourly rates due to monthly hours commitments or prepaid hours packages.  Therefore, a Virtual General Counsel can be the most cost-effective solution for mid-sized businesses, especially with regard to the following:

  • Reviewing modifications to frequently used contracts.
  • Determining which contracts, waivers, consents, or notices are necessary and prudent.
  • Advising executives and managers regarding the company’s legal rights and position.
  • Drafting letters to vendors, customers, or competing businesses regarding a company’s legal rights and position.
  • Identifying potential legal risks and future legal issues.
  • Drafting complex contracts and facilitating contact negotiations.

Virtual General Counsel that is competent in intellectual property law may also assist in securing intellectual property registrations and managing a company’s intellectual property portfolio (i.e. trademarks, copyrights, etc.).

Using a traditional In-House Counsel or Virtual General Counsel with, or instead of, a “BigLaw” firm has numerous benefits.

  • Virtual General Counsel can usually handle legal matters more cost effectively than “BigLaw” firms.
  • Virtual General Counsel are well versed in day-to-day corporate legal matters because all their time is dedicated to handling such matters.
  • Virtual General Counsel usually handle or oversee legal issues from start to finish (as opposed to a law firm partner assigning different associates a piece of a larger issue.)
  • Legal issues are often context specific, so Virtual General Counsel are better positioned to give relevant advice because they are familiar with the business and see the whole legal issue.
  • Virtual General Counsel are motivated to help the business succeed because of their ongoing relationship with the business (as opposed to simply being motivated to bill as many hours as possible).
  • Virtual General Counsel act as gatekeepers for outside attorneys when specialized legal services are needed by advising the business on choosing appropriate outside attorneys and monitoring the outside attorney’s work and billing.

If you believe your company may benefit from Virtual General Counsel then you should contact the Law Office of Bradley Gies P.A. for a free consultation.