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A trademark can be any symbol, such as word, name, catchphrase, and/or logo, which is used to identify your business or organization to the public.

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Reasons to federally register your trademark

Business Expansion

If another company files a federal registration before you do, you will be locked in to only using your trademark in your current geographic area. Therefore, your business will not be able to expand.


If another company starts using your name it could hurt your reputation. For example, if the CEO of another company is caught embezzling funds, the public at large may assume that your company was involved if that other company is using your name to identify themselves.

Protection from Lawsuits

A federal registration may function as a pseudo shield against claims of trademark infringement by third parties. The USPTO vets out improper trademarks and trademarks that are confusingly similar to prior registered trademarks. Furthermore, after five years of registration the trademark receives a presumption of incontestability. Therefore, after a trademark is federally registered it is much more difficult for third parties to claim that such a trademark is infringing their own.

About Us

The Law Office of Bradley Gies, P.A. is experienced in intellectual property law, including trademarks. We help individuals and businesses protect their valuable intellectual property and avoid legal issues that can arise from improper use or infringement of trademarks.

Below are some reasons you may need our assistance with your trademark:

  • To conduct a thorough search of existing trademarks to ensure your desired trademark is available for use and registration.
  • To prepare and file your trademark applications with the USPTO and ensure it is properly completed and all necessary documentation is submitted.
  • To ensure you avoid future litigation and infringement issues.
  • To respond to USPTO office actions and address any issues raised.
  • To enforce your rights should someone infringe upon your trademark rights.
  • To assist in licensing agreements and ensure that the terms of the agreement are in your best interests.

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