Frequently Asked Questions

Would your company benefit from a Virtual General Counsel?

You may benefit from the services of a virtual general counsel if you are concerned about overlooking your company’s legal risks, you are concerned about paying outrageous fees to law firms without knowing whether the work being performed is reasonable or necessary, and hiring a traditional In-House Counsel is outside the scope of your budget.

Does your company have an Intellectual Property portfolio?

The answer is most likely, yes, you do have an intellectual property portfolio. Ask yourself: How do consumers identify your business? If you have spent time and money on branding, then you likely have a name or other identifying terms or images that are worth protecting. How costly would it be if your business had to rebrand? Additionally, most businesses have some form of special quality or feature that distinguishes their products and services from others and gives the business a competitive advantage. That “secret sauce” can often be protected through various means.

What business structure will best anticipate your long-term objectives?

This will depend on how you are raising capital, how your profits will be taxed, whether you plan on bringing in investors in the future, and whether you want to offer your employees benefits.